Lights, Camera, Results!

Video has become essential for any effective advertising campaign. The good news is, people are catching on and video is becoming a top priority for many companies. The bad news is that most people have no idea how to create and promote a top quality video.

Often, companies who are in the market for video make the mistake of hiring low-budget film makers and the results can be disappointing. What’s more, it can be damaging to their brand image. Viewers will not forget bad impressions! In fact, they could associate this impression with your product or service and be completely unaware of it.

Another very common mistake that companies make in an attempt not to make the first, is that they hire over-priced film makers. The results in this case may very well deliver quantifiable results. However, the same results and engaging experience could have been achieved without over-expenditure.

Results Driven Video

You would expect to find creative minds in a video production and online digital marketing agency- people who love to create and capture, people who love to write and tell stories… That is true, but what separates us from other similar creatives is that we possess some serious business acumen, our methods are data-driven, and our minds are on one thing: business results.

Everything today is measurable. Everything. Yet businesses are still spending money on creating video content without generating any ROI. That’s where we come in. When we talk to a client about their project this is what we’re thinking about and this will be our priority:

  • Market Data
  • Optimizing Content
  • Social Interaction
  • Gauging Impact
  • Team Utilization
  • Audience Engagement
  • Creative Solutions
  • Increasing Views
  • Call To Action
  • Focused Targeting
  • Conversions
  • Educating You


    We've Got Answers

    Producing top quality, effective, engaging video takes a lot of time, effort, attention to minute detail, and experience. You don’t want to jump into producing a video blindly and you don’t want to choose any run of the mill company to work with.

    Most importantly, you don’t want to produce your own video if you have no experience at all; there is way more to video production than the obvious. You need a team with enough experience and a strong crew to back it up.

    So how can you be sure to hire the right production company for your project? Here are a few questions you should ask any video production company before you begin working with them:

    How much experience do you have with video production?

    How many people do you typically have on hand to make a video shoot run smoothly?

    How long does the production process take from pre-production through deployment?

    What do you do with lighting, angles, audio, etc. to make footage more interesting?

    How will you involve us in each of the four main stages of video production?

    Have you ever been recognized or awarded for your work?


    We have produced countless videos for businesses with ambitious goals of all shapes and sizes. We’ve won several awards doing it. We like to think that is because our videos tell stories that compel others and engage the viewer with relatable emotion. Every project we make is designed to engage, educate, and entertain. Let us tell your story, build your image, and share your ideas effectively so that the people you need to reach will take action.


    Creation.Haus employs motion graphics, visual storytelling, kinetic text, seamless editing, engaging music, and dynamic narration to communicate complicated issues and concepts in understandable and memorable ways that have impact. Video allows for demonstration of procedural activities in detail when used for instruction and allows for easier personal improvement and it can be a valuable tool for self-reflection.

    You Know We Do That, Right?

    Video Campaigns on Top Display Networks: Done.


    Many businesses are utilizing video marketing to keep audiences interested and enhance their reach across the globe. Research shows that viewing a promotional or product video can increase the chances of sale by 93%. Promotional videos include Broadcast TV Ads, Customer Testimony, Product Demonstrations, In-Stream Video Ads, Website Videos, Service Overviews, Reviews, and much more.


    Capture the most important moments of your life in QHD with the latest 35mm technology for a cinematic look you can share for generations to come. We create multi-camera edits of your live events, compiled with artistic components and compelling audio together into an engaging and emotional experience that you will watch over and over again. Allow us to tell your story beautifully.