Respond To Demand!

87% of the world’s population uses a mobile device. 75% of those mobile owners access the mobile web, and 41% use their mobile as their primary access. These numbers are large enough to require attention. If your content is not designed to be accessed on a mobile device with a small screen and limited resources, it doesn’t exist. If your site is not responsive- you are missing out on profitable conversions and conversations.

Think of your website as the storefront for your business on the internet. Your website is often the first impression you make on people. Consequently, it is absolutely essential for your website to be aesthetically pleasing and something that people want to explore.

20 percent of daily Google searches looking for local information, that means 600+ million searches per day are searching for local information. This is a huge opportunity for you. That is why we practice mobile-first design. We focus on the mobile experience before adding in the frills like animations and video backgrounds that serve as increased engagement points.

Converting Profitable Traffic

In order to sell something, you have to get traffic; then you have to convert the traffic. Economics means you have to make some money on what you sell. That’s why you’re in business. Our web design and development strategy starts there. We identify strategic objectives based on your core purpose, market research, competitor analysis, industry trends, and user experience.

We can begin to profile the perfect solutions that will empower your organization by having a clear view of the landscape before we write a single line of code. This ensures that the execution phase of your project goes smoothly and right on- or under budget every time. Implementation of analytics suites will provide powerful insights after the fact that can be used to optimize the conversion funnels that we roll in. That’s because we tend to get picky about these things:

  • Market Data
  • Optimizing Content
  • Social Interaction
  • Gauging Impact
  • Team Utilization
  • Audience Engagement
  • Creative Solutions
  • Increasing Views
  • Call To Action
  • Focused Targeting
  • Conversions
  • Educating You


    Whoa- Slow Down.

    Before you can have a beautiful, engaging website, you first need to have the underlying framework put in place. Behind the scenes of a great website, there is a lot going on. CMS, MRP, POS, Ecommerce, APIs, Ruby, Python, PHP, ASPX, XML, JSON, jQuery, CSS, HTML; to the average person, these words can sound like another language. They may have even put you to sleep by now, I can’t believe you read them all!

    Necessary applications need to be properly installed so that the website functions properly. Most importantly, you need a knowledgeable person with scalable technical and human resources to handle the administration of your website. Premium functionality and tight integration of internal and external systems cannot be achieved by amateurs or DIY’ers.

    A common problem is, too often people don’t know enough about web development to choose a partner who won’t lead them astray. This is serious business: do not be led down a path of archaic technology, or end-of-life propriety platforms. We have met clients who are stuck in licensing agreements for platforms like Visual Fox Pro- n/m, ask a geek! Here’s some questions you can ask anyone you are considering to partner with:

    What server side script will you be running? Is that search engine friendly? How will you secure my server, scripts, and database from malicious exploits?

    Will my website run on open source software? Are there any licensing fees? Is there thorough documentation available online and developer support online?

    Who owns the content on my site? Who owns my domain name, hosting account, and how much are they per year? What support do you offer?

    Can you integrate my website with my office, warehouse, manufacturing, or other systems? Will data traverse both ways?

    What is your disaster recovery plan for my website? How frequently is my content and data backed up? What is your availability in the event of disaster?

    Have you ever been recognized or awarded for your work?


    Your brand website needs to an ambassador for your products and inform people who are researching product purchasing decisions. Research shows that brand websites weigh in as the most trusted and authoritative source of information by 58% of respondents. On average, visitors to brand websites spent 37% more than non-visitors on those brands in retail stores.


    Great products and prices don’t mean a thing if your Shop is complicated, confusing or looks unprofessional – your visitors will shop elsewhere. Our solutions can include an amazing set of marketing tools such as cart abandonment and exit intent events, promotional pricing offers, and rich html email automation.


    As a small business owner your strategic objectives are simple. You need people to find you online, make a good impression, and visit or contact you before reaching a purchasing decision. As Google Certified experts we follow the best practices which will complete these objectives, with special focus on local search visibility.


    Enterprise Solutions typically involve multiple data sets, integration of multiple systems including pre-existing or new licensed SaaS, SAP, CRM, SCM, and MRP. We understand that it can feel overwhelming when trying to find the right partner to configure these systems, it is a lot to keep track of- that is why we’re here to help.

    You Know We Do That, Right?

    Content Management Systems: Done.


    Community sites play an important role in 2018- with over 600 million active monthly users and a total of 1.7+ billion members in total, it is clear that social media and forum sites aren’t fading away. No matter whether you are are looking to host Fansites, Reviews, Travel Destinations, Forums or others- we can help build your community fast!


    Creation.Haus will make you an amazing website to serve as your Executive Profile, Online Resume, Personal Blog, or Family Tree. Our expertise will be put to use for your own personal promotion or to create memorable web presentations that put Power Point to shame. Digital scrapbooks and Photo Albums: Done. Starting for way less than you would think.