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Everybody wants to get their company in the press.  Having an outside party endorse your business can be nothing short of explosive.  Consumers know that you aren’t going to say anything bad about your business, but the press and other consumers generally provide an unbiased opinion.  The problem is, getting your news in the press is incredibly difficult.  Whether you aim to get your news on TV or in the paper, there is limited space and thousands of leads to sift through.  So what does it take for your news to stand out?  We’ve got the 3 components of a standout press pitch for you right here!

Make it easy.  Start by making sure that your pitch is easy for the media journalist to pitch again.  Bear in mind that even if the media journalist likes your pitch, he or she still has to go to battle to get the chance to share your news story.  Make sure your story is concisely kept to a single page, accurate, and clearly focused.  Make it easier for the media journalist to sell your story in the newsroom and you’re much more likely to see it during the 5 o’clock news.

Make it unique.  Are you sure your story is really going to grab an audience’s attention?  You have a few seconds to capture the eye of the media journalist, so your pitch needs to be unique and engaging from the first word.  Before you share your pitch with the media, ask around for unbiased opinions on its uniqueness and the level of interest it generates.  You may find it absolutely fascinating, but that is no guarantee that the general public will.  If your pitch doesn’t have something to set it apart and grab attention, you might as well not even bother.

Make it relevant.  Try to connect your pitch to relevant current events.  If your pitch is relevant to what is going on in the community, the state, the country, or even the world today, a media journalist will have an easier time getting a spot for it in the news.  Some of the companies that have the most success getting their pitches in the press will actually plan their news around current events.  This a great strategy, but it also means you have stay on the ball and get your pitches out fast when the time is right.  Competition is fierce when it comes to creating the pitch that gets picked from the pile.

So the next time you have news that you want to pitch to the press, ask yourself, “Is it easy, is it unique, and is it relevant?”  If you can say yes to all three questions, make your next move.  But if you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, go back to the drawing board and see what changes you can make to get your pitch in the news.

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