The wait is finally over!  Today at 2pm ET you will have the opportunity to experience the latest Google Partners Connect event, and that’s pretty exciting!  In the last few weeks leading up to this inspiring event, we have been preparing you for the kind of material you can expect to learn from Google.  We know that you are going to enjoy this incredibly valuable experience, but we also want to help you get the most out of your hour with Google.  To help you walk out of the event feeling like a winner, we have a few tips to help you squeeze every last drop of insight out of Google Partners Connect!

Take notes.  Be sure to make use of the pen and tablet supplied to you upon entering the Google Partners Connect event by taking ample notes.  Any time you hear something from a speaker that you think is incredibly valuable, write it down with a few notes about why you think it is important.  You will be given a ton of information so the things you don’t write down you might not remember.

Discuss.  When the event is over, take the time to share what you found to be most valuable with the other viewers around you.  Chances are, each of you noticed something different and by sharing, you will pick up on things you might not have noticed.

Sleep on it.  After the day is over, put your notes aside and let your mind rest.  When you wake up refreshed, look over your notes again and think about what else you might have learned from the event that you didn’t write down.  With a fresh mind, you might be surprised by the things you recall but did not write down!

Put it into practice.  Take the time to think about the things you learned during the Google Partners Connect event and how they might benefit your business.  After all, Google might as well be the expert in online marketing.  Not putting what you learn today to good use is just senseless!

The ball is in your court now.  You’re going to Google Partners Connect this afternoon.  You know what you need to do to make the most of your experience.  Now go forth and change your business for the better!  Don’t worry!  If you leave the event feeling like you missed anything, be on the lookout for our recap next Wednesday!

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[schema type=”event” evtype=”Event” url=”” name=”Google Partners Connect” description=”Learn valuable online marketing practices from two of Google’s experts in the field!” sdate=”2015-10-15″ stime=”02:00 pm” ]


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