Your website cost you thousands of dollars and you were under the impression that the Return on Investment would be huge.  But it’s not.  You expected your website to generate hundreds or even thousands of new leads, and so far that hasn’t happened.  Why?  What happened that is keeping your website from ranking well in search?  There can be many answers to that question, but here are the top 4 we see every day!

None of the proper semantic markup is used.  How do you think search engines determine what information is relevant to your search query?  Well, Google has a complex algorithm it uses, but for search engines to understand your content enough to put it through that algorithm, it needs to be dressed with the proper semantic markup, Affinity MicroData.  Affinity MicroData is essentially the language of the search engine.  It makes the content on your website understandable for search engines, so that they might categorize and share your content in a relevant manner.  When a search engine comes across website content that is not properly marked, it doesn’t know what to do and moves on to the next website.  The result is very disappointing search ranking for your expensive website.

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The content is bad, just bad.  You might have everything else on your website in place, but if the content is no good people won’t engage with it and search engines will take note.  Search engines analyze everything from how long users stay on your website to where they go after your website.  If users leave your website too quickly, the search engine assumes your content is bad and docks your search ranking.  That’s why proper markup and strong content go hand in hand.  Having the right markup tells search engines to bring users to your website.  Having excellent content keeps the users around and tells search engines that your content is top quality, giving you a better search ranking.

Social media is not leveraged.  Businesses simply cannot get away with not using social media anymore.  Social media is another great way to drive traffic to your website and generate quality links to your website.  It is estimated that over 2 billion people, nearly one third of the world’s population, are on social media.  People spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook alone every single month.  Do you really want to miss out on all those leads?


Your website has been penalized for “blackhat” practices!  Most of the time, businesses don’t even realize they are using “blackhat” practices on their website.  Do you load pages with keywords?  Have you guest authored or hosted a guest to earn links? Did you seek link or content farms when developing your website?  If you hired another entity to develop your website, you may not even be aware that any of these practices have been used.  But Google is.  If Google finds any of these or other “blackhat” practices on your website, the penalties can be grave.  Check out the first week in our latest series on “blackhat” SEO practices here!

Chances are, you probably don’t even realize anything is wrong with your website.  But if you aren’t ranking as well as you thought you would, it’s likely that one or more of the preceding problems are holding your website back.  Take control of your website and examine it closely.  What do you need to change to see a significantly greater ROI?

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