Whether you’re rebranding your company that has been around for many years, or developing the brand of your new startup, it is important that you create a brand image that is going to accurately portray your company to its consumer audience.  Branding and rebranding are costly endeavors, both in time and money, so you want to get the message and imagery right the first time.  It is very challenging for a company to recover from poor brand development.  If you are in the process of branding your business or considering a rebranding effort, carefully consider the following steps for creating the perfect brand image!

Start by considering your consumers.  As with pretty much every other aspect of marketing, the very first thing you want to do when developing your brand image is consider your audience.  These are the people that you want buying your products, so you absolutely must appeal to them.  You’ll want to either hire a firm to do the research for you, or conduct unbiased research on your own.  What matters most is that your study has a large and relevant sample size to achieve the most accurate results.  Follow this link to check out several tools that might be useful for your research!


Determine the message you want to convey.  Once you understand what makes your audience tick, you can mold a brand message that not only meets their needs, but also the needs of your organization.  Don’t rush through developing all the dimensions of your brand message; in the digital world, once you put that message out there, you can’t take it back.  Here is an awesome tool to help you collect your thoughts and develop a strong outline for your brand message.

How are you going to create that message?  Now that you’ve developed your brand message, you need to think about how you are going to make that image visual for your audience.  Obviously, you will want a logo, but what other imagery would work well for your brand?  What colors and fonts work best for your brand?  Whatever you decide, you want to keep a uniform appearance across all your branded material to avoid a confused audience.  Many businesses create a brand style guide to ensure that their brand image is clear in all formats.  Check out this useful source for creating your own brand style guide.


Delivering your brand to your audience.  So you’ve checked in with your audience, created your brand message, and developed an image for your brand.  Now you’re done, right?  Nope!  Now you need to think about how you are going to deliver your brand message and imagery to your audience.  Before you go crazy creating commercials and posting on every social media page you can click on, take a step back and remember the consumer research you conducted.  Where are your consumers looking for you?  What kind of advertising works best to reach your audience’s demographic?  Develop a strategy based around the answers to these questions before you make your move.

Stay true to the image you create!  Finally, stick to your brand message and imagery.  If you followed the brand message template and created a style guide and strategy, this should be no problem!  Remember that your brand will evolve over time as it changes to meet the needs of your consumers.  This is normal.  But the core values and messaging you developed your brand around should essentially remain the same.  Don’t stifle the evolution of your brand, but be careful not to let it become a stranger to its roots either!

If branding or rebranding your business seems like an overwhelming process, which it often is, team up with a multimedia marketing firm that will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.  You’ll be glad you did!

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