“Google has got to keep trying to be smarter and smarter. So our mission is to organize the world’s information to make the universe more accessible and useful.” -Matt Cutts, Google Matt Cutts says it best; Google is constantly trying to provide search users with the best possible experience.  While that’s awesome for the users, it also means that businesses have to work a lot harder to make sure that their websites rank high enough in search to be noticed by users.  Search users only want to spend time examining quality content, and Google only wants to give them that quality content they are looking for.  That is why it Read more

How much time do you spend updating social media for your business or clients?  Chances are, social media has become a lot more time consuming than it needs to be and you’re losing valuable time and money because of it. You know your business needs to be on social media to be successful in today’s digital age, but you’re having trouble seeing the value in all the time spent.  So what do you do? Well the good news is, there are plenty of useful apps and tools online that you can use to efficiently utilize social media to your advantage.  We’ve taken the time to sort through the lot and Read more

Last week we hosted our second Google Partners Connect event, and it was an incredibly valuable experience for everyone who attended!  We learned a lot about Google AdWords best practices and how you can best market your business on the internet from coveted speakers Allan Thygesen and Fred Vallaeys.  For those of you that weren’t able to attend, don’t worry!  As promised, we have a recap of the event for you right here.

Content Marketing is really not a new thing.  Marketers have been using content in an effort to sell their products for many years.  Regardless, Content Marketing has seen a revitalization in the last few years, and businesses and marketers everywhere have been rushing to create as much fresh content as possible.  But is that really the point of Content Marketing?  Create as much content as humanly possible.  I would tend to think not, but why don’t you go ahead and take a look at these quotes from some of the experts in Content Marketing and then let me know what you think!

Video production is taking the world of online marketing by storm, for real.  In fact, it is estimated that nearly 90% of web traffic will be attributable to video within the next 5 years.  As astounding as that fact may be, we still regularly come across clients who are not convinced that video is necessary for their business!  We recognize that video is essential to success in today’s market, and we want nothing more than to help businesses succeed.  So while we gave you the “7 Deadly Sins of Video Production” back in the spring, we now give you the “7 Stimulating Benefits of Video!”