If you’re an avid Google Maps user, you may have noticed that some locations offer descriptive “Quick Facts” informational cards and “Rich Snippets” including contact information, tap-to-call links, special deals and entry pages.  The feature pulls information from Google’s Knowledge Graph to develop descriptive content cards for various points of interest ranging from landmarks to local businesses.

Whether small or large, it is essential for a company to brand itself to be truly successful.  Branding allows you to differentiate your company from others while adding value to your company and positioning it in the mind of your consumer.  However, branding is not easy.  You only get one chance to brand your company, so it is essential to cover all your bases.  To help you get started in the process of branding your company, here are 3 steps we suggest you take.

Like Facebook, Twitter is an incredibly popular form of social media with over 640 million active users.  However, the format for Twitter is quite different from other forms of social media.  Unlike other platforms, the “tweets” you post are limited to 280 characters.  You’ve seen hashtags used on many other social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, but you can thank Twitter for introducing them to the social media realm.  Like most other platforms, you can post links, photos, and videos along with your tweets.  So what makes Twitter such an important asset to your marketing strategy?  Let’s take a look at the stats and find out what Twitter can Read more

  What makes an effective leader?  How do you leave a lasting impression on those who have come before you and those who will follow in your footsteps?  What can you do to improve your impact on the people you work with and the world around you?  On May 4th, Creation.Haus was privileged with the opportunity to answer these questions and more in the company of hundreds of business leaders from Central Pennsylvania at a live broadcast of Leadercast 2018.  Leadercast is a global event, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, and broadcasted live in over 800 locations in over 25 countries.  Bringing together leaders from across the globe, Leadercast is designed Read more

Did you ever wonder how Amazon can track your orders so closely and accurately estimate when they will arrive at your doorstep?  Or how Google can determine which links to show you under search results?  How does Facebook know which ads to share with which users?  The answer to all these questions is Big Data.  Big Data can be deceiving to the average person because there is much more to it than just the fact that it encompasses an exponential amount of information.  More than just the massive amounts of data we create every day, Big Data is also defined by the rapid rate at which it is growing and Read more