Content Marketing is really not a new thing.  Marketers have been using content in an effort to sell their products for many years.  Regardless, Content Marketing has seen a revitalization in the last few years, and businesses and marketers everywhere have been rushing to create as much fresh content as possible.  But is that really the point of Content Marketing?  Create as much content as humanly possible.  I would tend to think not, but why don’t you go ahead and take a look at these quotes from some of the experts in Content Marketing and then let me know what you think!

Video production is taking the world of online marketing by storm, for real.  In fact, it is estimated that nearly 90% of web traffic will be attributable to video within the next 5 years.  As astounding as that fact may be, we still regularly come across clients who are not convinced that video is necessary for their business!  We recognize that video is essential to success in today’s market, and we want nothing more than to help businesses succeed.  So while we gave you the “7 Deadly Sins of Video Production” back in the spring, we now give you the “7 Stimulating Benefits of Video!”

The wait is finally over!  Today at 2pm ET you will have the opportunity to experience the latest Google Partners Connect event, and that’s pretty exciting!  In the last few weeks leading up to this inspiring event, we have been preparing you for the kind of material you can expect to learn from Google.  We know that you are going to enjoy this incredibly valuable experience, but we also want to help you get the most out of your hour with Google.  To help you walk out of the event feeling like a winner, we have a few tips to help you squeeze every last drop of insight out of Read more

Everybody wants to get their company in the press.  Having an outside party endorse your business can be nothing short of explosive.  Consumers know that you aren’t going to say anything bad about your business, but the press and other consumers generally provide an unbiased opinion.  The problem is, getting your news in the press is incredibly difficult.  Whether you aim to get your news on TV or in the paper, there is limited space and thousands of leads to sift through.  So what does it take for your news to stand out?  We’ve got the 3 components of a standout press pitch for you right here!

So you’re in the market for a graphic designer?  Maybe you’re starting a new business and you need someone to help you visualize your brand.  Or perhaps your business has been around for a long time and you’re looking to refresh your brand and catch up with the times.  Either way, you’re going to want to hire the best possible you can find.  But how exactly do you determine who that is?  This certainly isn’t a decision to make flying by the seat of your pants, but we have 3 factors you can look at to help you make the right choice.